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You can find out more about us at CARES support and useful information and links to other cancer information websites and charities.

Why is it being established in Burnley?

John Banaszkiewicz (John B) was born in Nelson in Lancashire and has built up a global business empire.

As well as being a Director of Burnley Football Club, he wanted to give something back to his local community.

Why does the East Lancashire Health Trust not pay for it themselves?

The provision of a health service is an almost bottomless pit when it comes to funding.

The ELHT have committed to spending money on the building of the unit, CARES support means that they build this unit without having to take the money from other essential services.

Are Cares affiliated to the Burnley Football Club?

No. John who is the Ex-Co Chairman and shareholder of Burnley Football Club wants to give back to his local community and the football club is very much at the heart of it.

Burnley FC already has its own very successful charity, Burnley FC in the Community and we are very much working in collaboration with them to benefit the local community.

Why early assessment and rapid diagnosis?

Early detection and diagnosis is key in improving survival rates of Cancer.

By working with the ELHT, we have been able to assess where the money is best spent to save more lives.

Are CARES part of the East Lancashire Health Trust?

No. CARES are an independent Charitable Incorporated Organisation that are working alongside the ELHT to ensure that the money is well spent.

By working alongside the trust we can ensure that funds raised are directed to the area that will save most lives through early detection and diagnosis.

How can I get involved helping CARES Support?

We’d love to hear from you and your ideas.

But don’t worry if you don’t have any ideas and just want to be involved, because we’ve got lots of activities available in which you can support us.

From volunteering your time, to fun raising we’d love to hear from you.

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