Catching Cancer early is the cornerstone of our drive to increase survival rates.

To this end we are looking to create and environment that makes individuals more likely to see someone if they suspect they have Cancer symptoms.

We know that there are many reasons why people do not present symptoms for assessment early enough and are looking to work within the local communities to overcome this.

Our vision is to open an early assessment centre in Burnley,

This is where people can come to a relaxed and less stressful place to discuss any concerns they may have.

From there we will be able to support them in ensuring they receive the best information and if necessary treatment possible as quickly as possible.


Drop In

We encourage you to come and visit us in the CVS building on Yorkshire Street, Burnley.
We are close to the town centre bus station, approximately 5 minutes walk, just before Burnley Football Club.


Telephone Chat

You are welcome to contact us by phone if you prefer.


Please contact us on 01282 914014 for a friendly chat.


Cancer Information

You can find out more about Cancer by viewing our Frequently Asked Questions page, which also contains links to other valuable information, resources and charities.


Early Assessment

Early assessment is vital to catching cancer early.

No matter how small or seemingly insignificant your worries may be about cancer, make sure you get an early assessment from medical professionals and not online diagnosis.


Rapid Diagnosis

We are working alongside the East Lancashire Health Trust on projects designed to reduce waiting times and the accessibility of diagnostic resources.


Fund Raising Events

We need as much support as possible and encourage you to get involved in our events.

From participating to providing a donation of money or time, we can’t survive without you.

We're here to talk and support you

If you are worried about Cancer, or have a family member or friend you are worried about, you can talk to us

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